Arabian racing was organized in the U.S. around 1959. After experiencing initial growth, today’s Arabian horses are finding their niche in the racing industry along with Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and other breeds. In recent years new opportunities have arisen for competitive Arabian racehorses at major racetracks across the country. It is apparent that the Arabian’s acceptance into the racing world has been positive and that many betting interests are actually favoring Arabians.  There are many Arabian races in California.  There is prize money in racing and there are Cal Bred funds, Arabian Racing funds and support from two different groups in Abu Dhabi.  

Arabians race in California on the State Fair Circuit and the races are arranged with each fair.  Cities include Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Ferndale and Los Angeles.  Arabian Racing of California website:

ARAC Facebook Page:

2019 California Racing Dates

Sacramento County Fair:  July 21-Less than 4 wins, 6F, Optional claiming $8000.  July 26 Maiden.  July 29 Stakes

Sonoma County Fair:  August 4-Maiden.  August 9 Non Winners of 3 races.  August 11 Emirates Breeders Gold Rush Handicap - Race II of III.

Humboldt County Fair:  Ferndale  August 15-29

LA County Fair:  Los Alamitos Race Track  September 9-25

The Big Fresno Fair:  October 3-16

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